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Dear ISVEE Delegates,


ISVEE International Management Committee members assessed and approved two bids for hosting ISVEE 2024 (Australia and Switzerland/Austria/France/Germany).

Below are one-page fliers with key information presented by the two ISVEE delegations of interest.

Representatives from the two delegations will reach out to ISVEE delegates with additional information via e-mail and/or social media in the next few days. In addition, the two delegations will present key elements of their proposals during the ISVEE Business Meeting, which is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 14 November 2018. After the two presentations, ISVEE Delegates will have the opportunity to vote and select the venue for ISVEE 2024.


ISVEE International Management Committee



The 34th World Veterinary Association Congress
May 5-8, 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Download Save the Date postcard here.



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