Pre and Post Symposium Workshop

ISVEE 15 offers you the intensive pre-post symposium workshops as below.

No. Topic Speaker Dates Fee (USD)
Pre-Symposium Workshops
Risk Modelling/Analysis
1 Modeling food safety and animal health risks using R Dr. Solenne Costard, Dr. Huybert Groenendaal, Dr. Francisco J. Zagmutt 10-11 November 2018 Students: 650 USD
Non-student: 800 USD
Modelling/Network analysis
2 Introduction to network analysis and network data visualization for veterinary epidemiology using open access tools Dr. Beatriz Martínez López
Dr. Esther Kukielka
Dr. Jerome Baron
Dr. Gema Vidal
Dr. Kyuyoung Lee
11 November 2018 Student: 200 USD
Non-student: 250 USD
Antimicrobial Resistant
3 Monitoring of antimicrobial usage and translating results into action Prof. Jeroen Dewulf
Prof. Katharina Stärk
Dr. Barbara Wieland
Dr Jorge Pinto Ferreira
10-11 November 2018 350 USD
Digital Technology
4 Utilization of the blockchain technology in veterinary medicine Veikko Tuovinen 11 November 2018 Student: 250 USD
Non-student: 500 USD
Post-Symposium Workshops
Modelling/Network analysis
1 A hands-on workshop on network analysis and modelling for epidemiologists Guillaume Fournié (Royal Veterinary College, UK)
Dirk Pfeiffer (College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences, City University of Hong Kong)
Susanne Pfeiffer (College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences, City University of Hong Kong)
Natalie Moyen (Royal Veterinary College, UK)
17-19 November 2018 Student: 650 USD
Non-student: 800 USD
Disease Surveillance
2 Regional animal health surveillance: best practice and recent innovations Jonathan Happold (Ausvet)
Edwina Leslie (Ausvet)
Catriona Mackenzie (Ausvet)
Ben Madin (Ausvet)
Anne Meyer (Ausvet)
Ronello Abila (OIE Regional office, Bangkok)
17-19 November 2018 600 USD
3 Evaluation of surveillance systems: principles and methods Marisa Peyre
Flavie Goutard
17-19 November 2018 500 USD
Risk Analysis
4 Risk Analysis for animal health: From planning to communication Assoc. Prof Marta Hernandez-Jover
Dr. Jennifer Manyweathers
17-18 November 2018 Student: 400 USD
Non-student: 475 USD
Molecular epidemiology
5 Bioinformatics for surveillance – a One health perspective Dr. Peter Durr
Dr. Amy Burroughs
17-19 November 2018 600 USD
6 Interpretation and validation of diagnostic tests in veterinary science Mark Stevenson (The University of Melbourne), Simon Firestone (The University of Melbourne), Geoff Jones and Cord Heuer (Massey University), Ian Gardner (The University of Prince Edward Island) and Axel Colling (The Australian Animal Health Laboratory/CSIRO). 17-19 November 2018 750$ (Non-student)
500$ (Student or delegate from developing country)
Digital Technology
7 Connecting data with people – Interactive web-based data visualisations with RStudio Shiny Dr Uli Muellner, EPI-interactive
Dr Christina Ahlstrom, EPI-interactive, Alaska Science Center
Geoffrey Longuet, EPI-interactive
Prof Kimberly VanderWaal
17-19 November 2018 Student: 725 USD
Non-student: 825 USD
8 Current epidemiological tools for wildlife disease outbreak investigation and surveillance Dr. Jonathan Sleeman
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Parntep Ratanakorn
Asst. Prof. Dr. Witthawat Wiriyarat
Asst. Prof. Dr. Anuwat Wiratsudakul
Dr. Sarin Suwanpakdee
17 November 2018 Student: 95 USD
Non-student: 195 USD

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