Call for Proposals of Pre- and Post-Symposium Workshops

Call for Pre- and Post-ISVEE Workshops

The 15th ISVEE, Chiang Mai, Thailand

 ISVEE 15 will offer a limited number of high quality pre- and post-workshops to ISVEE delegates. Pre- and post-ISVEE workshops will take place in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand during 10-11 and 17-19 November 2018. The main location will be at the Empress Chiang Mai ( or at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University ( The venue will be confirmed later. There are several rooms available with different capacities (15, 20, 40, and 80 participants) for the workshop.

Call for Workshops

The organizing committee of ISVEE 15 now welcomes applications to organize pre- and post-ISVEE Workshops on any topic within the field of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics. Duration of proposed workshops can be from 1 to 2 days (pre) or 1 to 3 days (post). For a successful application, please follow the guidelines presented below.

For more information, please contact Dr. Tersak Yano (E-mail: or Congress Organizer (Email:


Important dates

15 Aug 2017:                       Call for workshops

15 Feb 2018:                       Deadline for workshop proposal submission

15 Mar 2018:                       Decision on acceptance or rejection of workshop proposal, and notification of applicants

28 Mar 2018:                       Announcement of pre- & post-ISVEE workshops on ISVEE15 website

01 Jul 2018:                         Deadline for participant registration for pre- & post-ISVEE workshops

15 Jul 2018:                         Last day for workshop organizers to confirm/cancel pre & post-workshops.


Registration will remain open for confirmed workshops until the maximum number of participants is reached.

10-11 Nov 2018:                  Pre-ISVEE workshops

17-19 Nov 2018:                  Post-ISVEE workshops

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Tersak Yano (E-mail: or Congress Organizer (Email:


Evaluation criteria of the proposal

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by 2-3 experienced ISVEE Delegates and acceptance will be based on:

  • The quality of the workshop proposal.
  • The quality of the workshop (based on the workshop contents).
  • The potential for attracting a sufficient number of participants.
  • The applicants’ demonstrated ability to lead a successful workshop.
  • Uniqueness – If two or more workshop proposals cover the same topic only 1 (one) will be accepted based on the above criteria.


 Workshop Proposal Guidelines

Proposals must not exceed 5 (five) pages in length and should contain the following information (text below):

  • General information

Title of the workshop

Name of instructor(s) and short biographies and contact information of the workshop organizer(s)

Workshop’s learning outcomes

Background and skills workshop attendees should have (max 150 words).

The history of the workshop

Have you offered this workshop before? Yes [  ]  No [  ]. If yes, please provide a brief summary of the venues, dates, and approximate attendance numbers.

  • Workshop Specifications

Language: English

Do you prefer to organize a pre- or post-workshop? Pre [  ] Post [  ] Either [  ]

What’s the minimum and max number of attendees for the workshop? [   ]

What’s the duration (days) of the workshop (max. length is 1-2 days for pre- and 1-3 days for post-workshops): [   days]

Please identify specific needs for the workshops

Package of accessories that includes one laptop projector, power strips, extension cords, and adapters: Yes [  ]  No [  ]

Laptop(s) [  ] Printer(s) [  ] Easel Board [  ]

  • Workshop Contents and Schedule

Please describe the contents and schedule of your proposed workshop.

For an easy review, you can complete table below to describe the contents and schedule of your workshop: day number; time; topic; presenter; and format (theory, computer lab, paper presentations, panel-like discussion, other).


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